Category Content module

For one of the websites I was working on, I could not find a module that did what I wanted. I needed to create a menu for a list of documents in a specific category, but did not want the customer to have to continually add or remove menu items each time a new document was added or a document was deleted.

At that point I sat down and wrote ‘Category Content’. It will dynamically create a menu based on documents contained in a single category specified by you. It will display the documents in the order you specify in the category manager. It may seem redundant to say, but it will display document based on the acl you specify and will not display unpublished documents. The output is a raw unordered list that you can then apply you own styling to with CSS.

If you do use this module, please consider writing a review of it in the joomla extension directory by clicking here and donating a small amount, and help me support my code writing habbit.



$(document).ready(function() { resize_content() }); $(window).resize(function() { resize_content() }); function resize_content(){ x = $('html').height()-$('#header').height()-$('#footer').height()-$('.nav').height()-21; $('.content').css("height",x) }